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Fulfilling Dreams, Building Trust, Your Global Real Estate Partner for Clarity, Confidence, and Success.


We are a real estate company formed in 2021 to offer an island wide and worldwide service for property buyers and sellers. Our primary intention of establishing this company is to guide BUYERS to to make their INVESTMENT WORTH & “Home Dream” come true, also to facilitate SELLERS to find desired purchasers for their properties. We also intend in giving proper advice and guidance to Buyers and Sellers for better understanding of the relevant rights, documentation requirements of the property they intend to sell or purchase. Because we believe that, it is always better to HAVE A GOOD UNDERSTANDING PRIOR TO INVESTING hard earned money. That way the purchasers & sellers both will have clear understanding and faith among them.

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“Fulfilling clients’ requirements & making their INVESTMENT WORTH and to make their DREAMS BECOME A REALITY is our desire.”


Our Mission is to help, assist and guide Purchasers to find prestigious, suitable, genuine properties according to their requirements to make them satisfied to the maximum & to assist the Sellers to sell their properties by allowing us do the Advertising for them and find genuine buyers for them. And by giving the best service to our clients we always want to ensure that our clients got exactly what they wanted.


The Chairman of our Company, Mr. Indika Ishan Giragama being a holder of BSc. Special Management Degree of Sri Jayawardhanepura University, Sri Lanka and practicing as an Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public for many years and also with his experience as the former Chairman of Magampura Port Management Company and as a former director of the Maga Neguma Company, would highly intend to serve the Real estate buyers and sellers with genuine guidance and support they need. Mrs. Sashika Giragama being an IT Advanced Diploma holder (UCSC) as the Director of this company is truly dedicated to this service.

Indika Giragama

Sashika Giragama

Our Services

The primary service we provide is to help our clients with the process of buying or selling any kind of property. We always focus on providing genuine mediator service for our clients.


Through our website www.wip.lk we facilitate our clients to view their properties more aesthetically and visually appealing. Advertising our client’s properties in such way is a free service we provide them. We want the Prospective buyers to feel welcome and be able to easily picture their desired properties.


Once our clients find an interesting property in our website they can contact us & fix a day to see it. Prior to it our clients can always contact us directly or use our contact page to inquire and send their concerns.


We welcome our client’s concerns & shall negotiate to ensure them to find a property that meets all their requirements.


We also help landlords/owners of properties to find best tenants. Through our website prospective clients can advertise their property to be given on lease/rent AND/OR the clients who are looking for a place to take on lease/rent can provide us their requirements.


We also would like to help our client’s to buy/take on lease an investment property. some lands & properties in our website are suitable for many projects (solar, hotels, restaurants, agriculture, institutions… etc)


As our theme is “our desire is to fulfill your dreams”, we want to genuinely help and guide our clients to find the right property…. & to find the the right purchaser….. & to make our client’s investment worthwhile. We highly value our client’s ultimate satisfaction.

82/4,Templers Road, Mountlavinia.


Established in 2021, WORTH INVESTMENT PROPERTIES offers global real estate services, guiding buyers and sellers to fulfill their property dreams and investments. We prioritize clarity, trust, and understanding.